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History of PAACET

Beneath the surface beauty of our lands, the world is a very troubled place. We have conflicts at all levels of society, in areas of our towns & cities, between our countries and within our countries. One has only to read the news of world events to hear all the negativities and problems.

What do we, as PAACET Directors, workers and supporters hope to contribute to a world so troubled? How will we make a substantial difference in a world where civil society organizations already exist at every level of society – environmental, human rights, children’s, women’s and youth groups, interfaith, arts & cultural, political associations, educational—the list is seemingly endless. Every aspect of life on earth is represented in our world-wide civil society organizations. And yet we believe we CAN make a difference with our own organization, Peace Africa Alliance Consulting, Educating & Training Centre (PAACET).

Our Passion Feeds Our Purpose!
There is a saying “What is behind us, and what is before us, are nothing compared to what is within us.” This is something that fully characterizes our PAACET belief. We believe that every human being has the capacity to contribute to peaceful coexistence through personal choices informed by compassion, integrity, respect, acceptance and forgiveness.

Values such as these are fed through education, knowledge-building, and training, and form the basis of many indigenous conflict resolution processes throughout Africa and other ethnic, collectivist societies. Our passion is to reconstitute the wisdom of the past ages in order to build a more cohesive and harmonious future for all peoples, a world full of peace where every human being may enjoy their human rights.



Our Purpose Guides Our Direction!
PAACET founders learned the lessons of peaceful coexistence through their attendance at multi-culturally diverse peace universities where students from numerous countries, cultures, religions, and personalities converged. We have had the good fortune to experience first-hand both the challenges and the joys of learning to live in a global community. We were offered numerous opportunities to understand other cultures, to relate to those of other cultures, and to integrate the best of all cultures into our own lives.

We became strong supporters of indigenous methods of conflict transformation to overcome trauma, human rights abuses, and social justice concerns. Activating qualitative and transformative changes to the processes of post-conflict rebuilding by addressing the root causes of fear and discord can create marked changes to the outcomes in our societies. Joining forces with others of similar beliefs in integrating cultural strengths and knowledge can help us all to live a more peaceful life and build a better world for all. This is as true in African societies as it is in western societies today.

Indigenous methods of conflict transformation help people to realize that peace starts with the self. Training in traditional methods will help to build the competencies needed to functionally change the way we approach conflict, the way our children are taught and our youth interact to find solutions, the way problems are perceived as opportunities for growth of both the individuals and the community.

Everyone has the opportunity to contribute to peace by being cognizant of their own actions, reactions, and the choices they make, while being supported in a caring community of elders, peers, and family members as we work toward solutions that meet everyone’s needs.


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