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Fire Circle Reconciliation


Fire Circle Reconciliatiton

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Fire Circle

Fire Circle Reconciliation©
Our passion is to reconstitute the wisdom of the past ages in order to build a more cohesive and harmonious future for all peoples, a world full of peace where every human being may enjoy their human rights.   
We believe that every human being has the capacity to contribute to peaceful coexistence through personal choices informed by compassion, integrity, respect, acceptance and forgiveness. Values such as these are fed through education, knowledge-building, and training, and form the basis of many indigenous conflict resolution processes throughout Africa and other ethnic, collectivist societies.

Fire Circle Reconciliation© is a unique form of healing and reconciliation that builds  upon traditional  indigenous methodologies and has been designed by PAACET to address the root causes of conflict and meet the specific needs of post conflict healing and reconciliation in large populations.

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